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Meatball soup

Meatball soup

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Wash and clean the vegetables, then chop them (they can also be grated on a large grater). I cook the vegetables a little, add the onions, carrots, celery, peppers and the last zucchini, leave them for about 10 minutes after which, add the slightly hardened vegetables in the soup pot and start cooking.

Separately prepare the meatballs, mix the meat with eggs, season with salt and pepper, and form the meatballs, if they unfold, add a little flour but not a lot.

When the vegetables are cooked, add the pasta and continue cooking, after they are cooked, add the meatballs near the end, add the borscht and tomato paste and I beat an egg. Really a lot: pasta, eggs, meatballs but with a special taste.

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