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Gouda nests

Gouda nests

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1. Boil a bag of spaghetti in boiling water (in which I scalded the basil leaves before for the spaghetti to get the green color) and after 10 minutes add a tablespoon of high salt and let it boil for another 2 minutes. drain, rinse with cold water and drizzle cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in which we kept (for a few hours at least) a clove of garlic and a sprig of dried thyme or rosemary.

2. Boil a kettle with water in which we scald a bay leaf.

Melt a cube of butter in the pan, add chopped onion scales, sliced ​​garlic, and slices of champignion mushrooms (legs), mix well and hold until slightly softened. Add a little of the water in which I scalded the bay leaf to lengthen the sauce. Towards the end we add 1/2 glass of white wine, spices 1/2 sachet of pesto sauce to Kotanyi mushrooms and last time small cubes of Gouda cheese. Grind a little more salt and pepper from the Kotanyi grinders and it's ready.

3. Serve on a square plate placing round nests of green spaghetti in 3 corners, in the middle the yellow sauce with Gouda cheese. Garnish with pieces of dried tomatoes and basil leaves from the Pesto Kotanyi sachet and carrot stars from place to place. Carrots can be boiled or raw, but if they are raw, it is better to cut them very thin. Great appetite!

Treatment for the removal of liver and gallstones

Cleansing the liver of stones (which come from the iron and clog the channels in the liver, greatly improves digestion which is essential for health.) You can expect allergies to go away if you do more cleansing. upper arm and upper back. You have more energy, and you feel better.

Cleansing the ducts through which the iron drains into the liver is the most powerful means by which you can heal the body's health. and then solved the problem further.

The function of the liver is to produce The contents of the Beast about 1-1.5 L per day !! The liver is full of bile ducts that lead the fluid to a central canal and function as a reservoir.

Eating fats and proteins causes the gall to contract, about 20 minutes after eating - emptying, so that in the end the iron fluid is pushed through the same main channel in the intestine.

For many people, including children, the bile ducts in the liver are clogged with stones. Some people have allergies or pimples on the skin, others have no symptoms. These stones are not visible on X-ray. biliary-not only that, but they are too small and not calcified-the necessary condition to be able to be seen with X-rays.

There are many types of stones in Bile - stones in the Liver - most of them contain CHOLESTEROL crystals.

Liver stones can be blackish, white, green or beige. Some of these stones contain unidentified particles. ARE they left by WIDE WORMS (parasites in the liver)

In the center of each stone is a "lump" of bacteria - say around a "lump" of dead parasites.

As the stones grow and become more numerous, the liver provides less fluid for iron. With the stones in the liver, less cholesterol leaves the body, so its level increases in the body.

These stones being porous and can collect bacteria-histories-viruses-and parasites that pass through the liver.

In this way infection nests are formed that will continuously feed the body with fresh bacteria. No stomach infection such as ulcer or intestinal infection can be permanently cured without removing these stones from the liver.


If the liver has live parasites, you cannot clean it effectively. You will not throw out many stones, you will not feel good.

KILL parasites with electricity before, or follow the 3-week deworming program.

If you have become dewormed and now follow the maintenance program against reinfestation with parasites, you are ready to start a liver cleansing treatment at any time.

It is very recommended to be done kidney cleansing first and then the liver.

It is desirable that the kidneys, gallbladder and urinary tract be optimal for the elimination of any unwanted substance that could be absorbed from the intestine when the Iron will flow in greater quantities into the Liver, after removing the stones from the Liver.

First solve dental problems, if possible - your mouth should not contain any metals (fillings, metal clothing on the teeth and should not contain bacteria. All cavities should be cleaned. A toxic mouth can put a burden on Burdening the liver immediately after cleansing. Eliminate these problems from the beginning for best results.


1.Epson Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) 4 tbsp

2. 1/2 cup olive oil (125gr. Ml.)

3. Freshly squeezed graft juice (200 ml)

5.1 1 / 2l jar with lid

For cleansing, choose a day like Saturday, for example, so that you can rest the next day. As much as possible, do not take pills or other medications - vitamins - on the chosen day - for cleansing because it could hinder success.

If you are in the program of kidney cleansing or internal deworming, stop them the day before.

BREAKFAST from the day chosen for liver cleansing to be FREE FATS. It can be consumed only: cereals, fruit-natural fruit juice, (full of jam), honey (without butter or milk) baked potatoes, or other vegetables, only with salt. They allow the liquid of Bile to accumulate in bladder forming pressure on the liver. The higher the pressure, the more stones will be pushed.



Prepare Your Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)

Mix 4 tablespoons in 3/4 tablespoon in a jar - from this you will drink 1/4 of the amount in 4 rows - each time (the colder the liquid, the less unpleasant the taste is)

You can add an optimal (a teaspoon tip) of vitamin C to improve its taste. You can also drink a few mouthfuls of water after this to clear your mouth.

Keep olive oil and grafts in the room to room temperature.

Drink another 1/4 of the initial amount of liquid in the jar. You haven't eaten anything since 2 pm, but you won't feel hungry. Do your homework before bed. It is important to respect the time not to be more than 10 minutes. outside the required time.

Pour 125 ml of olive oil into the 1/2 liter jar with a lid. Squeeze 200 ml of strained graft juice. Add this juice to the jar over the olive oil. Close the jar and mix well.

Now go to the toilet even if you have to delay a little over 22 fixed, do not delay more than 15 min.

Drink the mixture of oil and juice. Drinking this mixture with the help of plastic straw helps to drink it easier. If you want to drink it next to the bed but standing. Drink the whole mixture in less than 5 minutes (15 minutes for the old or very sick)

Go to bed immediately. You may not remove the stones if you do not immediately lie in bed. The faster you sit in bed, the more stones you will throw out.

Prepare for bed beforehand, do not clean the kitchen.

Immediately after you have finished swallowing the mixture, lie on the bed on your back with your head raised on the pillow. Try to think about what is happening in the LIVER. Try to stay perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a series of stones. walking through the channels of the Liver like pebbles.


When you wake up drink the third quarter of the salt solution. If you have indigestion or dizziness wait until it passes and then drink. IF you want you can go back to bed.


2 hours later drink the last quarter of the salt solution. After another 2 hours you can eat. Start with fruit juice. In 1/2 hour you can eat fruit. An hour later you can eat ordinary but light food. THE EVENING MEAL SHOULD FEEL READY.

Wait until you have DIARY in the morning. With a flashlight, look in the toilet bowl for the stones and look for the green ones. This is proof that they come from Fiere and there are no leftover food. the bottom of the water but the stones from the Liver and Bile float on the water because they have Cholesterol. Count them approximately. They can be beige or green. YOU MUST REMOVE

2.OOO OF STONES BEFORE THE LIVER IS ENOUGH CLEAN to permanently get rid of allergies or rashes or pain in the upper back.

The first cleansing of the Liver takes some stones but others from the depth of the Liver take their place giving you the same symptoms. You can repeat the cleansing every 2 weeks.

Never cleanse your liver when you feel sick. Sometimes the bile ducts are filled with cholesterol crystals that have not formed into rounded stones. They appear as chaff floating on the surface of the water in the toilet bowl. They can be beige, beige closed containing millions of small white crystals. Removing these stones is as important as removing the stones.

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Ordinary puree can be cooked differently, tastier, more spectacular. Put in the oven with meatballs.


For mashed potatoes

  • 800 g of potatoes
  • an egg
  • 40 g of butter
  • 50 g of cheese
  • salt, spices (we used only salt) - to taste.

For meatballs

  • 400 g minced meat (we used chicken)
  • an onion
  • 100 g of cheese
  • salt, spices (we used ground black pepper, granulated garlic and paprika) to taste
  • -an egg (optional).

If the meatball composition comes out liquid, add 1-2 tablespoons of starch.

If you use pork or beef, it is better to fry the meatballs until browned before cooking, as these types of meat cook more slowly than chicken.

There are a lot of different ways to cook hard or tough meat and vegetables until they are flickering, but none of them make you feel as much like Julia Child or Ina Garten like beating a Dutch oven or sturdy pan with a lid and take braise on. You've probably been drunk for years without realizing it - skip meat before adding it to a slow kitchen stew or browning a steak before putting it in the instant pot. But instead of taking out those bulky appliances, you can just use your stove. From the juicy winter steak to the root vegetable chopper, just caramelize the ingredients a little, add a little liquid and cook until everything is delicate and delicious. These 14 recipes will make you one of your cooking techniques.

1. Braed Lamb Ragu with Polenta: You will want to serve this lamb grape on brown polenta, which softens until every last drop of blowing liquid. On top, sprinkle with grated mint to add in some fresh flavor. (through Umami and us)

2. Turkey and Marinara beef cheesecake: Turkish meatballs remain beautiful and juicy when cooked in a wine-enriched saucepan. Serve them alone, on a soft roll or in spaghetti nests. (through Life of Gouda)

3. Saffron risotto with vegetables in the form of vegetables: Risotto does not have to be scary, and this dish will convince you that it is worth working extra. While your root vegetables are mixing in a mixture of wine and lemon juice in the oven, mix your risotto, then spoon the tangy veggie mixture on top to serve. (via Feed Me Phoebe)

4. One-Pot Chicken Adobe: It is impossible to think of chicken as boring after taking a bite of chicken marinade. Melt in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and pepper, then serve with rice to balance the flavors. (via Tabitha Talks Food)

5. Moroccan vegetable cheese: Braising is not just for meat. In this recipe, the root vegetables are mixed until they are sold in a golden broth full of spices. (via Yup, Vegan!)

6. Tray of three glasses from Taiwan: This dish does not require a ton of hand, but the results are spectacular. The chicken is fried in walnut sesame oil, then boiled in soy sauce, rice wine and a mixture of rock sugar and aromatics for a dynamic plate of food. (via Red House Spice)

7. A vegetable code with summer vegetables: The code becomes lawful and full of fruit in this recipe, where it is chopped together with the vegetables in a tarragon and a broth infused with caper. Cook it in a pot for easy cleaning. (by means of clean baking)

8. Tacos buffalo biscuits: When it is full, the uncovered grapes take on the texture of pulled pork. Simmer it in a tasty soup with lots of spices for a vegan taco that fills everyone. (via Thyme & Love)

9. Orecchiette with sausages and chopped cabbage: Red cabbage becomes silky when cooked low and slow in a mixture of vinegar, butter and sugar. Toss it with homemade orecchiette and sweet Italian sausages for a noisy meal. (by two chefs of one kind)

10. Beef heels: Cheap cuts of beef are transformed by blowing. Use the meat as a base for tacos, thickened with chopped cabbage, guac and salsa. (via Mark's Daily Nosh)

11. Coconut with fresh meat: Instead of coconut milk, this pork is made with coconut water for an easier tasting meal. Allow the aromas of chopped garlic and green onions to shine. (via Fearless Food RD)

12. Korean short cornices: Called yellow jjim, the short ribs are the ideal candidates to blush in a bath of soy sauce, sugar and spicy gochujang. Add in some vegetables and a portion of rice for a complete meal. (via Missing Location)

13. Zucchini, mushrooms and chicken dumplings: It's hard not to love this stew, made with delicate chicken and a bunch of chopped produce. Think of it as a nutritious upgrade to the chicken soup you raised. (via Munchkin time)

14. Sweet Pork Belly Braised: Slow cooked in a huge mixture of sugar, sake and soy sauce, it's hard not to fall head over heels for this sticky pork belly. Each bite is better than the last, whether it is served in a bowl of rice or slipped inside a steamed air tank. (by pixelated layouts)

For more modern recipes that use classic cooking techniques, follow us on Pinterest.

Nests with jam and peanuts

A perfect recipe for the little ones, but also for the child in us & # 8211 Nests with jam, hazelnuts and honey! They are fluffy and keep them fresh for a few good days, they are easy to make, they are just as easy to eat! They go perfectly with parents' coffee or children's milk.

Nests with jam, a recipe from Buni Sia!

Of course, Buni filled them with jam or plum magiun and always put roasted walnuts. But I had hazelnuts on hand and the taste was wow! Buni Sia also greased them with honey or sugar syrup, especially since neither the dough is very sweet nor the marmalade / magiun. In our area, the plum magiun is called & # 8220silvoiță & # 8221 and is made during two days (a day and a night). The plums are well washed and pitted. Then they go to the boiler, without a drop of sugar and one or more unfortunates must guard them. And when I say & # 8220sa guard themâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

Fluffy nests with oranges and coconut

What could be better suited to a winter afternoon than some warm, fluffy and fragrant pies? It is true that they are just as well suited for breakfast, accompanied by coffee, tea or a glass of milk:

Preparation time: 01:35 hours
Cooking time: 00:25 hours
Total Time: 02:00 hours
Number of servings: 12
Degree of difficulty: environment

Ingredients Fluffy Nests With Oranges And Coconuts:

  • 350 grams of flour 000
  • 180 milliliters of milk
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 75 grams of sugar
  • 15 grams of fresh yeast
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • grated lemon peel
  • 120 ml. (5-6 tablespoons full) of orange peel jam
  • 4-5 tablespoons coconut flakes
  • 100 ml. of milk
  • freshly grated peel from 1/2 orange
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flakes
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • in addition: 30 grams of soft butter for greasing

Preparation of Fluffy Nests with Oranges and Coconut:

Sift the flour into a bowl, make a hole in the middle in which you add 1 tablespoon of sugar, yeast and a little warm milk. Mix the yeast with the milk and sugar and wait for it to work:

After the yeast has swelled, beat the yolk with a pinch of salt, dissolve with the rest of the warm milk (40 degrees Celsius), add the sugar and flavors. Gradually adding this mixture of liquid ingredients, start kneading the dough. After the complete incorporation of the milk, add the melted butter, a little, and continue to knead until you get a smooth, non-sticky dough, which has completely come off the walls of the bowl and begins to make blisters (it may take 1- 2 tablespoons extra flour):

Grease the dough ball obtained on the entire surface with oil and leave it to rise in a warm place, protected from the current, for an hour.

Meanwhile, mix the orange peel jam with as many coconut flakes until you get a firm, consistent paste:

In the available time, the dough developed nicely, more than doubled in volume:

Pour the dough on the work surface greased with a film of oil and portion into 5 equal parts:

Each of these pieces is divided, in turn, into 3, finally obtaining 15 pieces of dough, as equal as possible:

Place a piece of oil in the palm greased with oil, flatten it and put a good teaspoon of filling in the middle of it:

The edges are tightened and glued, closing the filling inside the & # 8222 nest & # 8221:

Grease with plenty of butter (from the extra 30 grams) a not too big tray (24/28 cm. Had a disposable tray that I used precisely because I did not have one so small in endowment) and is placed in it & # 8222the nests & # 8221 with the solder down. Grease the pies with all the remaining soft butter and leave to rise in a warm place, away from current, about 45 minds:

Towards the end of the waiting period, the oven is heated to 180 degrees Celsius.

Here are the beautifully raised pies:

Insert the tray in the oven, on its upper floor.

Meanwhile, boil the milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, grated orange peel and coconut for the syrup:

After boiling, the syrup is strained through a sieve and kept hot.

After about 15 minutes, the nests begin to brown:

Pour the hot syrup over the pies and put them back in the oven:

Keep the nests in the oven until all the syrup is absorbed and brown nicely (another 10-15 minutes). Optionally, as soon as they are taken out of the oven, they can be sprinkled with coconut flakes and pieces of orange peel:

They are wonderfully warm, fluffy and wonderfully fragrant, the combination of coconut and orange being very refined, at least for my taste:

Kulibiac salmon & # 8211 Russian recipe

Looking for some more special dishes, suitable for a special meal, for Valentine's Day, Dragobete or any other holiday you want, I stopped at a famous dish from Russian cuisine: salmon kulibiac. Kulibiac (or coulibiac) is a satiating dish, a seemingly unique combination of puff pastry, salmon, rice, hard-boiled eggs and spinach. All served with a sour and slightly spicy sauce made from sour cream, butter, lemon and dill. A little more meticulous to prepare, the kulibiac repeats itself through flavor and, I guarantee you, it will not leave any taster indifferent.

Some Russian kulibiac recipes also contain mushrooms, while the French versions (because, yes, the French quickly borrowed the dish) include marjoram and leeks, pancakes, sometimes dry white wine and a Dutch sauce or white butter sauce (& # 8220beurre white & # 8221). At first glance, kulibiac is an expensive and complicated dish, more suitable for & # 8220de fit & # 8221 restaurants. In reality, this is not the case. It's true that salmon is a bit more expensive, but you don't need too much. As for the complexity, I'll just tell you that it seems more complicated than it really is, although the guests will be convinced that you worked a day and a night in the kitchen: P.

Ingredients (for 10 servings):
& # 8211 puff pastry dough 500 g (a whole sheet + about 100 g from another sheet)
& # 8211 fresh salmon 350 g
& # 8211 frozen spinach 200 g
& # 8211 onion 1 pc. average
& # 8211 long grain rice 125 g
& # 8211 eggs 6 pcs.
& # 8211 butter 60 g
& # 8211 sour cream (20-25% fat) 175 g
& # 8211 dill 1 small link
& # 8211 lemon juice
& # 8211 hot pepper flakes
& # 8211 salt, pepper

Boil 5 hard-boiled eggs and, when they cool, peel them. Boil the rice in water with a little salt. When the rice has boiled, drain it, rinse it with a little cold water and let it drain. Heat 20 g butter in a pan and sauté the onion (cut rice grain). When the onion becomes translucent, add the frozen spinach. Lower the heat, cover with a lid and leave for a minute or two, until the spinach is dissolved. Stirring often, so as not to stick, leave it on the fire for another two minutes, then turn it off. Until the spinach cools, clean the salmon of the skin and any remaining bones. Then cut it into thin strips (like smoked salmon). Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Spread the dough sheet. On one third of it, in the center, distribute evenly half of the amount of boiled rice. Attention, leave an edge of 1.5-2 cm up and down! Sprinkle with a little ground pepper and place over half of the salmon slices.

Distribute evenly and half of the spinach and onion mixture. Sprinkle a little salt and ground pepper, then put the 5 peeled eggs. Dress them in the rest of the spinach, and a little salt and pepper, then put the rest of the salmon slices.

The ensemble comes dressed in the rest of the boiled rice, after which it is given again with a drop of salt and pepper. Beat the sixth egg in a bowl. Grease the edges of the dough sheet well with a brush. Fold the top edges first, then spend the side edges. The idea is for the whole assembly to be well wrapped in dough, like in an envelope. Press the edges to stick well. Grease the assembly with beaten egg. From the second sheet, cut a strip with a width of 2-2.5 cm and glue it over the glued ends (ie in the middle), by pressing. Cut a few more thin strips (about half a cm wide) and place them diagonally over the & # 8220package & # 8221 (they have an aesthetic role, but also to hold together & # 8220construction & # 8221). Put again with beaten egg and move, carefully, in a tray lined with baking paper.

Put in the hot oven and leave for 20-25 minutes, then reduce the heat to 200 degrees Celsius. Leave for another 15-20 minutes or until the puff pastry, nicely raised, takes on a little color. In the meantime, get ready sour cream, lemon and dill sauce: Melt the remaining 40 g butter. Put the cream in a bowl and mix it (first at low speed, then high). Gradually incorporate, in a thin thread, the melted butter, mixing further. Squeeze half a lemon and gradually incorporate the lemon juice. Taste and, if necessary, add lemon juice. The sauce should be sour enough to make up for the salmon fat! Add the dill (washed, wiped and finely chopped), hot pepper flakes (depending on how spicy you like it) and a little pepper.

Remove the kulibiac on a plate, cut it into slices and serve immediately, with the lemon sauce next to it.

Easter Recipes with Menu Suggestions 2021 - Food - Nc to do

Easter is a very special time of gathering for many families in the south and elsewhere. Whether you’re planning a traditional ham or lamb steak, breakfast, brunch or a big Easter buffet, start planning your Easter menu with some of this week’s suggestions and links.

Chocolate dinner
Yellow ham
Seven-layer salad
Daffodil cake with lemon icing
Peach breast
Lamb dinner
Lamb trout
Ginger Salad Ale Spinach salad with strawberries and pecans
Fried asparagus
Angel biscuits
Tort hummingbird
Apple Crumb Pie
Suggestions for more Easter dishes
Ham with icing
Ham with icing
Ham with icing
Ham with icing
Ham with icing

> Chocolate steak with mustard

Raisin sauce for ham
Peas glazed with orange mint sauce
Cream potatoes with peas
Garlic potatoes
Enameled red dolls
Chopped onion in cheese sauce
Broccoli and cauliflower
Sweet and sour carrots
Sweet potato biscuits
Basic white bread
Oat bread
Desserts and confections
Easter nests
Cleaning the roots
Growing fresh peaches
Individual chocolate cups for bread
Ambrosia Shortcake
The piece of lemon sponge
Caramel apples with raisins

Christmas with a golden shell
Light chocolate chocolate in height
Kentucky apple pie
Butter cake with cream
Banana cake with banana Coconut
> Sweets, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, coffee cakes and much more.

Beaten bean toast

Beaten bean toast recipes: how to cook toast for beaten beans and the tastiest recipes for bean soup, bean food, bean borscht, green bean food, bean meal, green beans with baked cheese, beans with ciolan in slow cooker, green bean soup with smoked, spices for chicken, garnish for salmon.

Beaten beans with onion and garlic

Carrots 300 gr white beans beans 4 onions (2 are boiled 2 for "frying" above) 2 carrots 250 ml oil 5 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons broth salt and pepper to taste

Beaten beans with frying on top

Meals with vegetables - 1 kg of beans - 2 onions - 1 pepper - 1 carrot - vegeta - chopped green dill but also the one from the envelope - parsley -3 tablespoons of tomato paste - salt to taste if necessary

Beans with ciolan

Thyme, Hot paprika, Celery 500 g beans 1 smoked ciolan 1 onion 1 carrot a small celery 1 red and green pepper 1 bay leaf thyme pepper salt hot paprika a bunch of parsley and dill for frying: a large onion 100 ml oil 2 tablespoons pasta tomato

Beaten beans

Meals with vegetables -1kg dried beans -3 medium onions -1 carrot 1 medium celery -love -8 onions for hardening

Beaten beans

Foods with vegetables and greens 500 g beans 6 onions 2 tablespoons carrot broth oil salt

Rubbed beans

Meals with vegetables 1 liter white beans 4 carrots 1 small onion (as big as a walnut) 1/2 parsley root 2 cloves garlic 1 small bunch green parsley 2 tablespoons frozen pepper salt. for frying: 2 white onions 50 ml oil (about a cup for coffee) 2 teaspoons paprika.

Beaten beans

Foods with vegetables 1 / 2kh beans beans 2 carrots green parsley salt olive oil

Dried beaten beans (facaluita)

Foods with vegetables and greens, Fasting recipes 1/2 kg beans beans a small onion 1 carrot according to a few slices of celery a suitable bleach garlic to taste is added to the beaten beans 7-10 onions - the more the more tasty broth or tomato paste a little sweet paprika.

Beans beaten in the nest

Appetizers, Appetizers with vegetables 500 g dried beans 150 ml oil 5o g broth 4-5 cloves garlic 1-2 onions ground pepper salt for nests 1 packet of puff pastry.

Beaten beans

Meals, Meal with vegetables 250 g dried beans, 2 onions, 100 ml oil, a clove of garlic

Quesadilla gevuld met kip, avocado in kaas

Een bijzonder mooi uiterlijk van dit gerecht bevat avocado en rode ui. Zo & # 8217n quesadilla kan worden geserveerd aan de feesttafel in de vorm van een snack of een volledig gerecht ..

  • avocado & # 8217s & # 8211 2 middelgrote vruchten
  • Gouda of Cheddar-kaas & # 8211 300-350 grams
  • kippenborst & # 8211 400 grams
  • tortilla & # 8217s & # 8211 pakket van 4
  • rode ui & # 8211 1 stuk
  • chili & # 8211 1 stuk
  • tomatoes, tomato puree & # 8211 3 stuks (200-250 ml)
  • citroen of limoen & # 8211 1 vrucht
  • knoflook & # 8211 2 tanden
  • greens & # 8211 naar uw smaak
  • frituurolie om te frituren:
  • de kruiden.

Geschatte cooking: 30 & # 8211 40 minutes.

Calorie intake: ongeveer 190 kcal per 100 grams voedsel.

  1. Snij de blokjes gesneden borsten en bak ze goed in olijfolie
  2. Een avocado schillen, door een vleesmolen malen, in een blender hakken, of eenvoudig hakken en dan besprenkelen met limoen of citroensap om verduistering te voorkomen
  3. Chili is erg fijn verkruimeld. Tomaten zorgen voor een gladde massa en verwijderen de huid. Meng een blender met veel avocado, tomaat, peper en een teentje knoflook. Breng op smaak met zout en zout, hak de rode ui mooi en meng met de resulterende saus
  4. Giet het vlees over de saus en breng aan de kook, voeg de greens toe
  5. De rest van de acties moet worden uitgevoerd volgens het al bekende schema & # 8211 maak een platte cake, besprenkeld met kaas, leg de vulling en bak de quesadilla netjes.

Lees hoe u vissoep gemaakt van snoekbaars kookt & # 8211 smakelijke en voedzame vissoep ..

Het recept voor zoete koekjes op kefir & # 8211 geurige zelfgemaakte cakes.

Lees hoe interessant het is om zoete en zoute trekjes te maken met kwark. The meest geurige selection received yesterday.

Video: Σάμπα μου ξηγιέσαι. Χρήστος Καραβίδης, Μιχάλης Ιωαννίδης, Καλλιρρόη Πετράκη, Ειρήνη Χουλιαρά (June 2022).


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