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Sweet milk

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Preparation time: over 120 minutes


Put the milk in a thick-walled pot or kettle and bring to the boil, then add the sugar and keep on the fire for 2 hours until it changes color and thickens. During this time it is mixed quite often, especially in the second hour. At the end add the vanilla and mix well.

Sweet milk

Learn to prepare a sweet sin that is becoming more popular and present lately, which you can serve either simply or to add to other desserts. Dulce de leche is called and comes from South America. We would simply call it caramel cream.

For starters, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, because it takes about 3 hours to get the result. The good news is that you don't have to spend much time on it if you follow our steps. It is enough to sit in the kitchen area and stir once every 30 minutes.

Let's begin! Prepare a large, tall pot, about 3-4 liters. Mix the milk in it with the rest of the ingredients and turn on the heat. When it starts to boil, stir and place the pot on the lowest eye with the lowest heat. Leave on the fire for 3 hours, stirring & # 8211 as I said above & # 8211 every 30 minutes. After 3 hours you will get a wonderful & # 8222tanning & # 8221 milk cream. Pour the viscous cream into the pre-prepared jars and, when they cool, put them in the fridge.

And don't worry: slow cooking gives a pretty long warranty period for the delicious dulce de leche!

Dulce de leche - Recipes

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  • ARGENTINIANS FAVORITE DULCE DE LECHE - One of the best choices for daily consumption. A calcium source product.
  • PERFECT FOR TOASTS AND CAKES - Suits perfectly with bread, cakes, and home-made alfajores. Bake your favorite cakes and soft truffles or chocotorta.
  • COLONIAL STYLE - More milky and tastier than the classic dulce de leche.
  • Intense, caramel and creamy taste.
  • GLUTEN FREE. One of the most sold products from Argentina.
  • 400 g / 14.01 oz

Dulce de Leche La Serenísima, Industria Argentina.

La Serenísima was established in 1929 by Antonino Mastellone, a cheese-maker from Sardinia who arrived in Argentina in 1925. Antonio and his brother Giuseppe Mastellone founded Hermanos Mastellone in General Rodríguez, a pampas city west of Buenos Aires, in 1927. La Serenísima became the first in Argentina to provide nutritional facts on each bottle. The company pioneered the sale of lactose-free milk in Argentina in 1984, became the market leader in the sale of yogurt and introduced cultured milk locally, in 1988. La Serenísima also introduced large-scale organic dairy farming in Argentina, in 1994, and became the first to fortify its products with iron sulfate.

Recipe Summary

  • 1 gallon milk
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 4 ½ cups white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

In a large saucepan, bring milk to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove from heat and strain through cheesecloth. Return to pan.

Cut vanilla bean in half and pour the seeds into the milk. Stir in the sugar and replace the pan on medium-high heat, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved. Just as the milk mixture begins to boil, stir in the baking soda. Reduce the heat to medium, stirring constantly until mixture thickens. When a wooden spoon drawn through the mixture leaves the bottom of the pan visible, and the mixture is light brown in color, remove the pan from the heat.

Place the pan in an ice bath and stir constantly until dulce de leche is cold. Store in airtight container in refrigerator. Pour into sterile jars, and store in the refrigerator.

Recipe Summary

  • 1 small finishing nail
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 cups water, or more as needed

Wash the nail and pound it into the top of can of sweetened condensed milk to make 2 small holes on opposite sides of the top. Remove nail.

Place the can of condensed milk into a small saucepan and pour in water to reach high up the side of the can. Bring water to a boil reduces heat to low. Simmer milk in the can for 3 to 4 hours. Milk will slowly turn light to medium brown and become thicker as it cooks. Add more water as it boils down.

Remove lid from can and pour dulce de leche into a bowl. Whisk to break up any lumps and mix thicker caramel from the bottom into the rest of the syrup.

70 Sweet milk recipes that can surprise anyone

Dulce de leche is made with a combination of milk and sugar, but can also be made with condensed milk cooked in a pressure cooker. It is very popular here in Brazil and other Latin American countries, so much so that its origin is disputed by some countries.

This delicacy can be used to prepare a huge amount of recipes, such as cakes, pies, sweets, pies and other options.

But no matter how it will be prepared or used, it is that sweet leche is a delight! That's why we have prepared a very comprehensive list to learn how to use this article in the preparation of dishes that can be served at different times of the day, from breakfast, to dessert or afternoon snacks.

If you were curious and A-MA sweet milk, check out all the options below and enjoy the result! )

Sweet milk cakes

1. Milk candy cake: this is a recipe very similar to petit gatêau, but here the chocolate is set aside and gives way to the cream. The dough is soft on the outside and the filling is very creamy. The advice is to serve with a tablespoon of ice cream, so you have a special sweet and full of delight.

2. Cake with dulce de leche filling: How about preparing a simple dough cake, but which counts on dulce de leche as a filling? This is a great demand for an afternoon snack and even being a very basic option, the taste is very good.

3. Chocolate and dulce de leche cake: Another option is to prepare a table of chocolate cake that is sprinkled with two different fillings: one is chocolate mousse and the other is dulce de leche. An easy way to enjoy a delicious cake.

4. Banana and dulce de leche cake: This is a cake recipe that has a banana meal that is enhanced with a topping made with dulce de leche, sugar and salt flower. With a short list of ingredients, it is possible to get a mouth-watering result.

5. Cake with sugar and cheese milk: This is a perfect recipe for cakes for special occasions such as a birthday party or even as a dessert on a Sunday lunch. This is because in addition to an incredible taste, the look is also attractive.

6. Gingerbread: a very simple dough that carries gingerbread in its preparation. This is the proposal of this recipe that is made in a few minutes, but is left with a perfect taste to enjoy the most varied palates.

7. Paçoca cake and dulce de leche: this is a cake recipe that takes paçoca in mass and topping. Dulce de leche also enters the stage on the cover, to make everything more delicious and with a creamy texture.

Special cakes with dulce de leche

8 Mini sweet milk cheesecake: this is an option for the cheesecake that Oreo takes in both the preparation of the base and the filling. Milk candies are used in large quantities for a very juicy coating. The result is a combination of flavors that can leave someone with a mouth watering.

9. Brownie stuffed with dulce de leche: In this chocolate option, dulce de leche enters the filling only after the cookie is already fried. It is a practical way to use this ingredient to grow this recipe that you have already loved.

10. Milk Jam and Almond Almond: This is a chocolate brownie option that has milk candies as a filling. But here the advice is to add almonds to the dough so that the result is even tastier and the texture has a crunchy touch.

11. Sweet Walnut Milk Brownie: This is exactly like the previous recipe, but here the almonds are set aside and let go of the nuts.

12. Delicious Sweet Milk Brownie: This is a cheese chocolate recipe that requires quite a lot of sweet milk. The great thing about this option is that the filling comes into play right before the dough goes into the oven. The result is an extremely tasty cookie.

13. Frosty Sweetmeat Brownie: Want a healthier Brownie recipe? How about knowing this option that takes oatmeal? This ingredient will make your cake more nutritious and with a different consistency than the previous options.

14. Cuca de doce de leche: cuca is a kind of cake that combines a fluffy dough with a very crispy wart like a topping. But this is a recipe that has an extraordinary flavor: dulce de leche is used in large quantities as a filling.

15. Banana antenna with dulce de leche: how about preparing a cake that has four layers? The first is the dough, the second is the banana, the third is dulce de leche, and the last is a very crunchy flour. Step by step is not complicated and this combination of flavors is incredible!

16. Delicious sweet leche cheesecake: Want to know a cheesecake recipe that takes a few ingredients? This may be the ideal option for you to test at home. Dulce de leche is used for the preparation of the filling, together with the cream cheese. And to make the candies even tastier, comes a chocolate coating.

17. Creamy Sweet Milk Cheesecake: This is another cheesecake option that has a short list of ingredients, but that can surprise the taste. The candy counts on three layers: crusty crust, filling and icing.

18. Milk and Oreo Cheesecake: How about making a cheese recipe that has a base made with Oreo biscuits and a filling with dulce de leche? It is a great application for those who want a sweet and full of flavor dessert.

19. Milk Cheesecake: This is another option where the base of the cheesecake is made with a chocolate chip cookie, but here, the one that comes on the scene is Cookie Negresco. Another thing is that dulce de leche is not used in the filling, only in the cover.

Pieces with dulce de leche

20. Banoffee: How about making a pie that has a crusty crust made with butter biscuits, a filling that mixes sweet milk and banana, and a beaten melt? This is the proposal of this recipe that makes a great success among the most varied palaces. That's why it's worth testing at home.

21. Fake and sweet milk banana pie: this is a recipe for fake pie, because it has no dough. The candy is made by combining only sweet milk, bananas and whipped cream. It's a simple option, but it can be a big blow to the office.

22. Banana pie and dulce de leche: this is a slightly more suspicious recipe. Here, in addition to the biscuit base, the filling combines banana, dulce de leche and chocolate. To further enhance the flavor of the dessert, the cream also comes on stage as a cover. The end result is so tasty that it will no longer be enough to keep your plate to tell the story.

23. Chocolate and dulce de leche cake: But how to prepare a tartan that combines a chocolate base with a filling that uses the same ingredient, but with the addition of dulce de leche? It is a great application for those who like this combination of flavors.

24. Jam milk cake: This is a recipe that takes the Bono cookie as the main ingredient of the base, which makes the result clear. For the filling, dulce de leche is the protagonist. The list of ingredients is so short, you may be surprised by the end result of this dessert.

Milk recipes for a snack

25. Milk donuts: how about preparing donuts in your home? This famous American donut is the most successful and does not happen for nothing, its taste is so delicious that it will be difficult to eat just one. Here, the pasta recipe is very simple and the advice is to serve quitute accompanied by dulce de leche.

26. Sweet milk muffin croissant: this is a muffin recipe that has the texture of a croissant, so it is in great demand for anyone who wants to innovate in the kitchen. The recommendation of the recipe is to prepare pastry and dulce de leche at home, but if you want more convenience, you can buy these ready-made items on the market.

27. Coffee tapioca with dulce de leche: Tapioca is a food that is part of many people for breakfast or even dinner. But have you thought about preparing a recipe for this dish to serve as a dessert? This is the proposal of this option, which combines the sweet taste of milk with coffee.

28. Rain cookie with dulce de leche: the cookie is such a tasty and simple thing to do that it deserves to appear at your table on sunny days and cool down. In this version, dulce de leche is used as a dough filling.

29. Banana Pudding and Milk Jam: This is an extremely practical recipe, as the advice is to buy ready to eat pastry. To prepare this option at home, you just need to fill the dough with dulce de leche, bananas and cinnamon powder. After that, take the dish to the oven and enjoy the final result.

30. French toast with dulce de leche: radish is a dish in which the delicious bread is moistened with milk, eggs and sugar, but in this recipe the filling is increased with dulce de leche. The result is a tasty and creamy snack for your day.

31. Canjica de dulce de leche: Canjica is a traditional dish, but it can be adapted to remain with an even more irresistible taste. This is the proposal of this recipe that has the added sweetness of milk. The result is so good that you don't even want to prepare homina in the traditional way.

32. Milk cake: How about stuffing toast and adding strawberries to the topping? This is an excellent order for an afternoon snack or even for a special breakfast. In addition, step-by-step is very simple and fast. Therefore, it is worth testing this option in your kitchen.

33. Rocambole Sweet Corn: A rocambole with a very sweet dough and a super-filling filling can be a great demand for snacks, right? In addition, this is a recipe that does not have an extensive list of ingredients and still has an extremely simple preparation.

34. Churros de dulce de leche: churros is a dessert that is the most successful among the most varied palates, isn't it? So much so that its aroma is used in the preparation of the most varied sweets. But have you ever considered making your own churros at home? Try this recipe and be amazed by the taste!

35. Fried milk jam: this is a recipe for toast that carries sweet milk and banana slices as a filling. It is a very simple option, but it can make the biggest success on the table. You will also need only these three items and a few minutes in the kitchen. After that, just enjoy the end result.

36. Alfajor de dulce de leche: how about preparing an alfajor with buttermilk and stuffed with homemade dulce de leche? This is not one of those recipes in which condensed milk is brought to a fire in a pressure cooker. Here, the same milk that is used, so the time in the kitchen is a little longer. But the result is so good, the wait is worth it.

37. Alfajor lightly sweet: if you think alfajor is a hard candy to be prepared, you should know this recipe. Here, you can consult the tips to optimize your cooking time and to prepare sweets in a very practical way.

38. Banana with dulce de leche: eating fruit is very good for health, isn't it? But sometimes we want to increase the flavor, so in this recipe, you can check out how to make your fruit portion much more delicious.

Creamy desserts with dulce de leche

39. Sweet milk fondue: Fondue is a delicious dish to be enjoyed on days with milder temperatures. It is both an option for a romantic moment and a gathering of friends. This recipe made with dulce de leche is practical and easy, so it can be added to your meal. The advice is to serve sweets accompanied by fruits of your choice.

40. Churros Cup: Have you thought about preparing an edible cup of churros? To increase the flavor, the filling is due to ice cream and sweet milk. This is a great choice when you want to surprise yourself with an extremely charming and delicious dessert.

41. Sweet milk pudding: Pudding is a classic dessert that often appears on the table of many people, so it is important to learn how to vary in the preparation of this candy. And this is what you can give in this recipe, which, in addition to bringing sweet milk, also has the addition of flower salt, which gives a special taste to the dish.

42. Simple milk pudding: How about preparing a pudding recipe that takes only 3 ingredients? This is the proposal of this option, which is ideal for those looking for a practice, but do not want to leave a delicious dessert on the table.

43. Panna Cotta de dulce de leche: this is a perfect Italian dessert to enjoy after dinner! Here, the panna cotta is made with dulce de leche and has a melted beat with a touch of whiskey. So this is a great choice for anyone who wants to innovate in taste.

44. Milk pudding: this is a pavé recipe that innovates in the way it is served. The tip is to assemble the dessert into individual pots, which makes your candies with extra charm.

45. Brûlée dulce de leche cream: creme brûlée is a typical French dessert, but here it is paginated. The sweet aroma of milk is combined with the crunch and crunchy crust of this dessert. In addition to being delicious, this is a super-easy recipe to prepare at home.

46. ​​Chocolate and sweet milk mousse: Do you want to prepare a recipe that takes only three ingredients and still has a very simple step by step? So, this may be the ideal option for your next meal dessert.

47. Milk Flan: This is a practical recipe that has a short list of ingredients and a blender preparation, which keeps your cooking time to a minimum. The Bora test?

48. Pavé de dulce de leche light: a pavé does not always have to be a caloric dessert and this recipe is here to prove it. Even light, the end result is very tasty and even those who are not dieting can indulge in taste.

49. Mascarpone cream with dulce de leche: even if it is a recipe divided into three stages, this is not a difficult option to make at home. It's also on the recipe list for a well-known chef who can say a lot about the bottom line. Following all the tips for the letter, you will definitely have a successful dessert to serve!

50. Milk Souffle: This is a recipe that has only three ingredients and a super simple preparation. In addition, the puff is a plate with a very delicate texture, which combines with the most varied moments. So, this is a recipe that is worth getting into your notebook.

51. Oreo cream with dulce de leche: If you like a very creamy dessert, you should stop to know this option. Here, the taste of dulce de leche combined with chocolate leads to such a delicious dessert, it will be difficult not to eat everything at once.

52. Rogel de leite de leche: Rogel is an Argentine dessert, in which a dough is filled with dulce de leche and covered with Italian meringue. The result is a sweet that can surprise both the appearance and the taste. Also, the time in the kitchen is not long and the list of ingredients is easily accessible.

53. Ice cream and dulce de leche cake: this is a recipe that uses very simple ingredients, but looks appetizing. The pieces of cake dough are shaped like tomatoes, fried and then filled with dulce de leche and covered with ice cream.

Sweets with dulce de leche

54. Brigadeiro de churros: brigadeiro is one of the favorite sweets of Brazilians, so this little darling has already won a lot of versions. Here, condensed milk is combined with butter, dulce de leche, sugar and cinnamon powder. The result is so tasty that it will be difficult not to eat this delicious.

55. Brigadeiro de dulce de leche: This is another option in which chocolate in powder form gives way to dulce de leche. However, here cinnamon is left on the side and the sweets are pressed with grated coconut. The combination of flavors is extremely tasty and can satisfy the most varied tastes.

56. Milk candy: Sipping a candy is a great way to make the day more enjoyable, isn't it? And how do you know that the option if the chocolate is filled with honey and sweet milk bread? The list of ingredients is not one of the shortest, but the result is so good, worth testing at home and delighted with every bite.

57. Sweet Popcorn Pop Cake: This is a great candy option to stimulate a children's party meal. A vanilla cake is combined with dulce de leche and sour cream and is formed into balls. Then, on the stage comes a chocolate shell and confectionery, to make it tastier and more attractive.

58. Milk Jam Jam: This is a recipe in which a brigade of milk candies is combined with chocolate cookies. The preparation is so simple, you will be amazed by the taste of this cute.

59. Milk candy: This is a recipe that uses a single ingredient and is made in the microwave. So, if you are looking for a recipe that is very useful to be prepared and ideal for that day when you want a sweet tooth and you want something fast, you can bet on this option!

60. Brigade of sweet milk with coconut: a recipe that combines dulce de leche with coconut in its preparation. A great application for anyone who wants a sweet treated with a different flavor, but that should not be too much to do.

61. Banana sticks with dulce de leche: This is a great way to use a fruit to make a delicious, easy-to-make candy. Here, the cooking time will be very short, but the result can leave someone with a watering mouth.

62. Sweet Cupcakes: Cupcake is a great cake option to be served at birthday parties or gatherings with friends. You do not need to eat dishes and everyone can eat as many units as you want. So this is a great recipe to try at home.

Ice cream

63. Banana ice cream with ice cream: If you want an ice cream recipe that takes only three ingredients, this may be the ideal option. All you need to do is freeze the chopped fruit, bring it to the freezer and then hit it on a blender or processor. After that, simply add the whipped milk cream and delight in the end result.

64. Milk ice cream on the plate: How about preparing a Mexican palette on the plate? So, step by step it becomes much easier and more practical and you can do enough for everyone to repeat! To further enhance, the taste of this dessert is irresistible.

65. Milk ice cream: this is an ice cream recipe that takes only two ingredients and has a very simple preparation. The result is a sweet refreshing and with a taste that can leave someone with a watering mouth.

66. Delicious Sweet Milk Ice Cream: This is an ice cream recipe that has a more extensive list of ingredients than the ones above, but I still don't take anything too complicated. It is a great application for those who want a delicious dessert and can be stored in the freezer for a long time.

67. banana milk-shake and dulce de leche: milkshake is an excellent choice for drinks for different times of the day can be served as a dessert or even afternoon snack. The training is so practical that you will always want to do it!

68. Frapuccino sweet milk: a refreshing drink that combines the taste of coffee, chocolate, milk and sweet milk. Good practice being prepared and able to make your day more enjoyable. )

69. Tapioca ice cream and sweet milk: the name of this recipe may sound strange to a combination of ingredients, but if you like to innovate in the kitchen, be sure to try this option, which may surprise those who try.

70. Milk cookies: Want to try a slightly different recipe for ice cream? Milk jam candies are filled with ice cream and still get a layer of chocolate. A combination of these can be successful, right?

To prepare your recipes, you can choose to prepare dulce de leche at home or buy the ready-made ingredient in a market. What really matters is to write down the options that caught your eye and were tested in your kitchen!

Ingredients Spiral cookies with dulce de leche

  • 250 gr. butter with 82% fat at room temperature
  • 140 gr. granulated sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • 300 gr. flour
  • 4 tablespoons sweet milk

Preparation Spiral cookies with dulce de leche

  1. In a large bowl, place the butter at room temperature and the sugar.
  2. Mix the two ingredients with a wooden spoon.
  3. Add the yolk and vanilla extract and mix the composition lightly.
  4. Add the flour, sifted in the rain.
  5. Mix the composition, you need to quickly knead the dough with your hands towards the end to ensure that the ingredients are well blended. But be careful not to overdo it! No fragile dough should be kneaded in excess, because the gluten network in the flour will develop and we will get an unpleasant consistency in the finished product.
  6. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it cool for 20 minutes.
  7. Powder the work surface with flour or spread with baking paper. I used a silicone sheet, convenient because it has a ruler on the edges that helps me see the size of the two sides of the dough.
  8. Shape the dough into a square of about 30 cm of dough that is spread with a whisk.
  9. Grease the dough with 4 tablespoons of sweet milk cream (from caramelized condensed milk, the recipe here).
  10. Roll the dough with the filling inside, in the shape of a roll.
  11. Wrap the roll obtained in cling film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  12. During this time, turn on the oven and preheat to 180 ° C.
  13. Lay a baking tray with parchment paper for baking. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and remove from the foil. Slice the dough, thus obtaining the spiral pieces like a snail shell shell, which are placed in the baking tray with the cut up.
  14. Bake the cookies for 12 & # 8211 15 minutes, practically, until the edges of the cookies turn golden or golden brown, if you like more browned.
  15. Place on the cooling grill as soon as they are removed from the oven. If you don't do it right away, the caramel will stick to the parchment.
  16. Allow to cool and then store in airtight metal cans.

Perfect next to a cup of warm milk.

Let one last tip be useful: you can buy from here, with online order, ready caramelized condensed milk.

Classic Alfajor Cookies

Classic alfajores are made with by sandwiching two shortbread-like cookies with dulce de leche. Some people like to roll the edges in coconut or dust the tops of the cookies with powdered sugar. There are endless possibilities with alfajores try some variations such as chocolate alfajores, lemon-lime alfajores, almond alfajores, anise alfajores with orange sugar syrup (pralines alfajores), praline alfajores, triple alfajores, or maple shortbread alfajores.

9 Things You Can Do With Dulce de Leche

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This culinary confection literally translates to the “sweetness of milk” so naturally this is the perfect solution to any sweet tooth craving. Traditionally, this Argentine version of a caramel sauce, is made from milk and sugar, and heated and stirred for 7 hours, but honestly ain’t nobody got time for that.

Lucky for us, this sweet sauce is pretty popular all around the world so finding it at a local grocery store isn’t too hard. Brands like Williams Sonoma, and Stonewall Kitchen make some of the best pre-made dulce de leche. Thanks to some simple recipes, there are no more excuses not to be enjoying the best and most underrated dessert of all time. Every day, all day. Here are some of the top recipes and desserts to add more dulce de leche to your life.

Rice Krispie Treats with a Twist

This insanely creative blend of crunchy cereal mixed with the caramel flavors of dulce de leche is a vamped up version of your favorite childhood snack. This easy 2-ingredient recipe simply replaces the marshmallows with a hearty helping of dulce de leche and you are on your way to enjoying a delicious little treat.

Make it Yourself

Photo courtesy of

If you have a few cans of sweetened condensed milk laying around, water, a pot, and about three hours on your hands, dulce de leche is actually very easy to make using this easy recipe here. If not, go to the grocery store, buy some, and eat it because why not. Spoonfuls of this stuff is the most simple and delicious way of satisfying your strongest and sweetest dulce de leche craving on earth.

Whip it Up

Photo courtesy of

Dulce de leche is a simple treat but adding it to an equally simple treat brings it to the next level. This easy and delicious sugary recipe is the combination of dulce de leche and whip cream. This is a simple way to create your own topping and you can add this to just about any other confection or make fresh fruit just a little bit better with some dulce de leche whipped cream.

Smother it in Between Cookies

Photo courtesy of

If you are feeling ambitious try putting dulce de leche into a sandwich. This twist on the alfajores dessert, an Argentine favorite, can be made easily with any simple sugar cookie recipe. The combination of this easy sugar cookie recipe with smooth dulce de leche filling creates the best sandwich you will ever eat. Simply slather the dulce de leche onto one cookie and plop another sugar cookie on top and there you go. Mini and heavenly.

Saucy Caramel Cookie Bars

Photo courtesy of

When it comes to dulce de leche there are are always options here. If cookies and cakes aren’t your thing, perhaps making something like these easy dulce de leche bars will satisfy those silky caramel cravings. These cookie bars with dulce de leche on top sprinkled with chocolate chips and pecans can do no wrong. To make this recipe even easier, you can simply buy sugar cookie mix, follow those directions, then use the dulce de leche mixture and sprinkle with toppings of choice.

Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

Photo courtesy of

If you are more of a chocolate lover, these brownies are the ones for you. This is the chocolate-caramel combo of your dreams, and this recipe shows you just how to make them come true. To make this a little bit easier, you can always buy the boxed brownie mix, whip that up and dollop spoonfuls of dulce de leche all over, and bake.

Coffee Flavors Sent From Above

Photo courtesy of

If getting out of bed is a struggle or you just need a delicious pick-me-up and coffee (iced or hot) is the drink of choice, add some spoonfuls of dulce de leche right into your drink. It is a simple and flavorful sweetener with all the caramel goodness and without any of the chemicals. Just pour, mix, and drink up.

Ice Cream Caramel Sundae Dreams

Photo courtesy of

Bump up the caramel flavor a notch and get the dulce de leche infused ice cream from Haagen Dazs creations. Create the very best ice cream sundae with this ice cream and add anything from chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whip cream, and even more dulce de leche on top. It never fails to disappoint.

Dulce de Leche for Breakfast

Photo courtesy of Carolyng Gomes

Last, but certainly not least, because we all know breakfast is the most important part of the day, so why not enjoy it with these fluffy, light, and dulce de leche swirled pancakes fresh off the griddle. Try this super easy recipe from The Latin Kitchen to start out your day with a healthy dose of caramel goodness.

And with that I leave you with 9 more delicious and clever recipes to add, mix, spread, and spoon the caramel sauce from the culinary gods of South America to enjoy.

Dulce de leche

Când am văzut rețeta aceasta într-una dintre cărțile lui Jamie Oliver, acum trei sau patru ani, mi-am spus întocmai ca primul ardelean care a văzut o girafă: no, așe ceva nu să poache să egziste! Mi s-a părut puțin probabil să poți face una ca asta (pe care o veți vedea mai jos) fără să redecorezi bucătăria cu resturile unor cutii de conservă explodate. Răscolit de curiozitate de ani de zile, am țopăit de bucurie ca un copil în fața raftului cu lapte condensat dintr-un hypermarket spaniol. Sigur, rețeta se poate duce la capăt și cu lapte normal dar durează foarte mult și …de ce să stai arestat lângă oală două ore și jumătate când poți lăsa oala singură, să-și facă treaba și tu pe a ta?

Din păcate (ori din fericire), în România veți fi nevoiți să faceți rețeta (dacă vi se face poftă) în modul clasic, amestecând într-o oală cu lapte și mult zahăr (1 cană mare de zahar la un litru de lapte) până obțineți dulce de leche, dulcele tradițional al spaniolilor, argentinienilor, uruguayenilior și chilienilor. Asta pentru că laptele condensat nu se vinde la noi în cutii de metal ci doar în cutiuțe de plastic dozate ce pentru cafea. În Spania am găsit lapte condensat în cutii de 200, 250, 500 și 1000 de mililitri.

Am luat două cutii de 1 litru și am trecut la treabă.

Am dat jos hârtia de pe cutiile de lapte, le-am pus într-o oală cu apă rece, le-am acoperit cu un prosop de bucătărie care ar fi trebuit să le protejeze împotriva încălzirilor bruște și rapide (ceea ce a și făcut) și am pus oala pe foc(mic, mic).

Dacă ții focul mic și nu te grăbești, cutiile nu se dezintegrează (știți că există recomandarea de a nu pune cutii de conserve pe foc), bucătăria scapă iar tu obții asta:

Dulce de leche e o cremă groasă, vâscoasă, cu gust și aspect de caramel

Se folosește la prăjituri, se poate combina cu fructe sau se poate mânca așa cum e.

Vă mai amintiți gustul bomboanelor de lapte care se găseau în băcăniile comuniste? Acela e gustul.


Ce imagini apetisante. Ce bunatati!
Esti un bucatar genial!
Dar parca il cheama Jamie Oliver, nu Olifer.
Ne faci pofta cu imaginile de pe blog.
Mancarurile pe care le gatesti sunt foarte bune si au un aspect deosebit.
Cei care tin cura de slabire nu au cum sa refuze ce le gatesti.
Magarule! hehe
Weekend placut!

asta-mi aduce aminte de cand am vrut sa fac un tort sofisticat, care necesita lapte condensat. Mai mult a durat nenorocirea aia de pregatire a „laptelui” decat tortul si cremele. Macar asa am aflat ca, dintre zecile de retete gasite pe net, pana la urma asta cu pregatirea 2 ore jumate e cea mai ok :))
Si on-topic: crema arata gustoasa gustoasa :)

ar trebui sa nu mai intru la tine pe blog. deja am arsuri la stomac si ma gândesc la mâncare.
retetele si prezentarea , de exceptie.

Prima dată am văzut cum se face acest desert acum mulţi ani, la Paris, la o prietenă franţuzoaică. Era studentă, nu prea avea bani, şi dulce de leche era cel mai ieftin dulce pe care şi-l putea permite. Dar nu din cutii de 1 kg, ci mici, de 250 de grame. Am mîncat atunci, era foarte bun, dar, cum spui, la noi nu există lapte condensat la cutie, deci am rămas cu acea unică experienţă :(

Îmi plac foarte mult dulciurile si mai ales crema de caramel!(și nu numai mie după cum observ)
Sigur o să incerc și eu să fac vrăjitorii în acest sens la finalul acesta de saptamână! Mulțumim frumos, numai rețete intesante ne dai …

Bun tare dulcele asta. Acum ceva timp pe un alt blog culinar cineva scria ca a gasit la Kaufland lapte condensat la cutie de atunci ma tot uit dupa el dar nu am gasit niciodata.Asta e, mai cautam, poate o sa apara si la noi….

doamnelor si domnisoarelor, propun sa facem lobby pentru introducerea laptelui condensat la cutie si in comertul romanesc. ori sa activam cumva filierele basarabene, in republica moldova au la raft:-)

Multumesc pt. dulcele sfarsit de saptamana.

oana, bun da:-).
anonim, rectific, o fi fost viteza de vină. magarule! :-)))

Adi bine te-am regasit .
Ai revenit in forta dupa vacanta petrecuta in Spania.
Doream sa iti atrag atentia ca la categoria dulciuri lipseste ceva…tiramisu.
Stiu ca ai postat reteta anul trecut si nu stiu de ce nu reusesc sa dau de ea.
Ti-as fi recunascatoare daca ai reusi sa o gasesti

ai putea sa imi spui te rog cam cat timp trebuie tinute cutiile pe foc? [ eu intentionez sa iau cutii mai mici, de 250 ml ]. merci mult!

daca esti atent si te intereseaza ce scriu cele din …blogosfera,la ora asta aveai cateva cutii sa nu mai dai fuga sa cumperi din spania.dar esti bucatar,nu?scuza-ma,nu am observat!

la kaufland-uri e lapte condensat la tub, facut de marca proprie a magazinului.

in bucuresti, insa, se gaseste lapte condensat nestle cam pe la toate magazinele arabesti. rezolvam o retea de distributie spre restul tarii? :-D

da’ voi sunteti mai aproape de ungaria, acolo gasiti sigur in orice lidl :)

zumzetta, o să caut, am pierdut unele informații în urma transefrurilor dese, bruște și reptetate de pe un server pe altul
tiribonflax, am putea trece la afaceri:-). dacă stăteam în oradea merita să mă deplase până în primul lidl, din cluj nu prea se justifică efortul, nici măcar pentru dulcele ăsta.
tudorel, care e de fapt problema ta?

dorli, oricat de mari ar fi cutiile, timpul de expunere la caldură pentru ca laptele cu zahăr să devină caramel e același, două ore și jumătate, până la trei ore (e greu să menții temperatura constantă pe de o parte și poate îți place un caramel mai mult ori mai puțin vâscos)

zumzetta, am găsit, dacă vei încerca să găsești tiramisu cu ajutorul opțiunii de căutare de pe prima pagină, vei găsi postările care conțin acest cuvânt, inclusiv pe cea cu rețeta și cu pozele. nu se găsește în categoria alocată dulciurilor pentru că nu am avut timp să mă ocup de asta (se face manual și sunt multe sute de rețete).

Eu nu mananc dulciuri nu ma abtin, nu sufar, pur si simplu nu ma atrag.O fi bine? … O fi rau?… Adsta nu inseamna ca ele nu sunt foooooarte bune pentru cei care le savureaza.
O saptamana buna tuturor!

mataphor, nu cred că e rău:-)

Mda, am avut ocazia sa gust lapte condensat si pot confirma ca e delicios. Cu prima ocazie cand ajung prin Debrecen voi cauta prin Cora. Numai sa aflu denumirea in maghiara.

@ lilisor – cukrozott sűrített tej, asa ii zice.

musai sa fie cukrozott (adica indulcit), ca altfel e de-ala lichid pentru cafea :)

pentru identificare vizuala usoara, uite asa arata cutia de la nestle, care se gaseste si pe la magazinele arabesti

no, vezi ce bine-i să ai prechini unguri?

No, am gasit la noi la Sibiu, la cutii de metal de 0,5 l. La supermarket, nu la hiper. Numa’ nu stiu daca e bun: scrie ca e lapte condensat fara zahar. Trebuie cu, sau fara zahar?

P.S. Daca vrei, iti trimit prin posta.

nonick, musai să fie cu zahăr. altfel, poți face cu lapte normal în care pui tu zahăr. partea proastă e că trebuie să cam stai lângă el două ceasuri:-)

Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. Ce bine arată…. Mă duc în decembrie in Spain :D miam miam! (eu nu imi risc bucataria nu demult renovata.. aştept să plec :P)

Siginutz, dacă dai două găurele în capacul cutiei (cu un cui), nu riști nimic. E drept, pierzi câteva grame de dulce dar asta nu-i o tragedie:-)

Deci am facut. Numai ca m-am inspirat de pe si l-am facut la microunde. O fi o barbarie sau nu, ideea e ca a iesit. Si laptele condensat/evaporat de la Plus (2 cutii de 340 g de la APLA) l-am indulcit cu 300 g de zahar. L-am facut mai tare, cand s-a racit puteam sa-l tai cu cutitul si sa-l fac caramele. Buuun tare. A durat vreo ora si ceva de invartit in cuptor, cu amestecat (cu grija ca se umfla cand il agiti) din 5 in 5 minute.

A este dulce se le llama en el Peru: Manjar Blanco :D

Arman, gracias por compartir la informacion con nosotros:-)

Cand ne intalnim iti povestesc cum se face la el acasa: din lapte de capra si zahar moscavado :)

Imi poti spune cat timp ai tinut laptele pe foc?

Nu e ideea mea, am gasit-o pe un blog, dar o impartasesc. Lapte condensat din acesta gasiti la Carrefour Baneasa, sau comandati direct la ei pe site. Si ca sa iasa dulce de leche mai repede, le firbeti in oala sub presiune, acoperite cu apa si fara etichete, cam 2-3 ore. Si nu mai sunt riscuri! Se pot pastra asa pana decideti sa le folositi.

acuma gugalesc dupa dulce de leche ca stiam eu ca ai reteta de ceva bun. am primit nu demult un pachetel cu asa ceva, dar din moldova, nu din spania si mi-am amintit ce buna era crema asta in spania. numai ca nuj ce o sa fac dupa ce se termina. se gaseste, pana la urma, crema de leche si la noi? eu n-am rabdare la bucatarit, sa o fac eu, asa cum descrii tu :P

nu cred că găsești caramelul gata preparat. eu n-am văzut (poate prin magazinele cu delicatese).

crema de lapte, adi, o caut

gata mi-am comandat de pe delatte. :) sper sa fie la fel de bun ca cel din spain :D

e bun dar trebuie să-l prepari, în cutie e doar crema de lapte cu zahăr, nu caramel:).

lapte condensat are in ultimul timp la Auchan din Bucuresti

o intrebare sau mai bine zis o dilema am…. sper sa ma poti ajuta.

Cum se pastreaza acest produs? L-am preparat dupa reteta clasica, cu lapte natural, iar pastrat la o temperatura de 6-7 grade produsul devine fluid, isi pierde din consistenta. La temperatura de 2-3 grade (in frigider) totul este OK. Trebuie adaugat un gelifiant sau poate pectina? … pectina lichida se gaseste in comert? am tot cautat prin mediul online romanesc dar nu am gasit….

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When I saw this recipe in one of Jamie Oliver’s book, three or four years ago, I told myself just what the first man from Ardeal told himself when he saw a giraffe: this can’t be! I thought that doing this (you’ll see below) without redecorating the kitchen with remains of exploded cans was highly unlikely. Since I’ve been burning with curiosity for years, I started jumping for joy as a kid in front of the shelf with condensed milk, in a Spanish supermarket. Of course, this recipe can be made with normal milk, but it takes very long and…why would you spend two and a half hours watching a pot when you can leave the pot to do its job while you do yours?
Unfortunately (or fortunately), in Romania you will be forced to make the classic recipe (if you have a craving), by stirring in a pot with milk and a lot of sugar (1 big cup of sugar for a liter of milk) until you obtain dulce de leche, the traditional Spanish, Argentinian, Uruguayan and Chilean dessert. This is because our supermarkets don’t sell condensed milk in metal cans, just in small plastic boxes designed for coffee. In Spain, I found condensed milk in cans of 200, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters.
I got two 1 liters cans and I got to work.

I removed the paper from the condensed milk cans which I put in a pot of cold water, I covered them with a kitchen towel that should have protected them against sudden and fast heat spikes (which it did) and then I placed the pot on the stove on low (very low) heat.

If you keep the heat low and you don’t rush things, the cans won’t disintegrate (you know about the recommendation not to put cans on fire), the kitchen gets away with it and you obtain this:

Dulce de leche is a sticky, thick cream that resembles caramel in both taste and aspect.

It’s used for cakes, it can be combined with fruit or it can be served by itself.

Remember the taste of milk candy you could buy from those communist grocery stores? That’s the taste.

Video: Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz - Silvester-Tanzparty 197475 OFFICIAL (June 2022).


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