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Artichoke pate

Artichoke pate

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Recipe Artichoke patè of of 05-12-2017 [Updated on 05-12-2017]

The artichoke pate it is one of the best sauces for cold croutons. To do this artichoke sauce first of all you need to clean and boil the latter in water and vinegar, then transfer them to a mixer with almonds, oil, salt and pepper. Now that you have found out how to make artichoke cream, you can choose this recipe as a Christmas appetizer! I dedicate myself every year to appetizers and canapés and croutons are my strong point so certainly these will be on my menu, to the disappointment of my husband who will not eat them;)


How to make artichoke pate

Clean and cut the artichokes into wedges, then let them rest for 10 minutes in water and lemon juice.
To clean them better you can follow the specific guide.

Boil them in salted water and vinegar for 20 minutes from the start of boiling.
Drain them and let them dry on a clean cloth.

Meanwhile, chop the almonds in a blender.
Then add the artichokes, salt, pepper and oil and chop them too, obtaining a smooth and homogeneous cream.

Your artichoke paté is ready to be served, perhaps with crunchy croutons.

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